Friday, August 24, 2012

Bluegrass Beauty - Alicia's Picks

I'll admit I sort of feel like a fraud writing this since I am not beauty savvy, like at all. I wear makeup...most of the time and I straighten my hair almost every day. So if you've been dying to know which items I use to look somewhat presentable most of the time - the wait is over! Haha. In keeping with our "Bluegrass Beauty" series, (Megan's post here) I'm sharing the things that I simply can't live without.

1. My Chi straightener

They're only $79 now?!
I feel like I paid 3 times this.
 If we were going to give this blog a subtitle, it might be something like, "Coping with Curly Hair." Every one of us here at the Trifecta has been cursed blessed with curly hair. They range from super duper curly (Emily, Megan) to moderately wavy (me) but either way, it makes a straightener an essential item in all of our books (hence the failure of Megan's straightener rising to the level of CRISIS). I'm still rolling with the Chi that I've had for about seven years and it's never done me wrong. In fact, I feel like my life was less full before it came along. While life may have been less full, my hair was SUPER full. This thick mane was out. there. But the Chi came along and made that all better. I team it with the Chi Iron Protectant spray and have never looked back. Mine is currently treading on thin ice, as there's a short in the cord and I have to lay it on the counter just so to get that magic red light to come on, but it's hanging in there. Apparently when it bites the dust, I need to get a Babyliss.

2. Burt's Bees Pomegranate Chapstick

For those who read Megan's Carmex confession earlier this week, rest assured that we've tried to stage an intervention but she just won't have it. Old habits die hard and she ain't giving it up. On the other end of the spectrum (ya know, with lip products that don't contain salicylic acid) is the Burt's Bees line. I prefer the lip balm with pomegranate oil. NOM. It not only tastes delicious, but it has a lovely pink tint. For someone who tends to stay away from lipstick, the color is nice. One word of caution, if you put this product through the laundry, there is a high probability it will stain your clothes. (What? I'm the only one who washes chapstick? Disregard that warning, then.) Plus, Burt's Bees strives to be a responsible corporation, working toward 100% natural products and using recycled materials. All of this for the low, low price of $3.00 at your local drugstore.

3. Hot Tools Curling Iron

The Hot Tools Collection

Jack absolutely loves the irony of a curly-haired girl straightening her hair, only to curl it with a curling iron 30 minutes later. Whatever. Guys just don't understand. I grew up with a curling iron, but more for the bangs effect (don't judge - it was the 90s), than the long ringlets that everyone is doing now. But earlier this year, I joined the 21st century and purchased the Hot Tools Curling Iron and let me just tell you - it is the bomb. (Confession: I also didn't own any hair spray, so I had to buy that too. See? A fraud, I told you.) I wanted to do something special with my hair for the awesome engagement party that Megan & Emily threw for us and I figured curls were the way to go. I went with the 1" barrel and it worked out quite well. Now it's a regular part of my repertoire (when I have the extra 30 minutes to spare). I scored mine on sale at Ulta for $29.99. Deal of the century.

4. Mary Kay TimeWise 3-in-1 cleanser

From here
As you all know, I'm on that slow descent to 30 and in an attempt to circumvent actually looking my age, I've been using this cleanser for about 6 months and I'm in love. It has these neat little exfoliating beads and supposedly combines three products - cleanser, exfoliator and toner - to shorten your beauty routine. I'm all for that. Plus, the TimeWise products are aimed at reducing signs of aging. Sign me up please. I spent $18 for it and like I said, have been going strong for about 6 months. You need only the tiniest little dot to get a great lather for your entire face, so a little goes a long way.

5. Makeup

Forgive the crummy iPhone photo.
Head over to PLL's blog for better photos.
 In the interest of full disclosure, there are some days that I wear no makeup at all. It's true. I always moisturize (I'm using the Mary Kay TimeWise one right now, but I'm not as gaga over it as I am the cleanser) but really going above and beyond with the makeup is a rarity. I'm a powder, mascara and a little blush kinda girl (in no particular variety) but I think that could all change. Mainly because of a certain fabulous blogger who rocked my face off and replaced it with a beautiful made up one. I had a date with Pink Lou Lou earlier this week to do a trial run for my wedding hair and makeup. Oh, you don't know who Pink Lou Lou is? Educate yourself. Oh, you didn't know Pink Lou Lou does hair and makeup? YEP! And she's a magician. Bottom line. So in the future, my makeup routine will include whatever foundation that was that she used (some variety of Revlon, I believe), along with that lip color (Mark, I think?) and that fancy eyeliner. So here's to upgrading the makeup in my life and making a new best friend in Pink Lou Lou.

Don't forget to chime in with your beauty faves in the comments. And stay tuned for Emily's faves to come. Plus, Emily will be doing a Birchbox update! Happy Friday, everyone!

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