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Bluegrass Beauty--Em's Faves

Beauty Week 2k12 continues here at the BGT!  In case you missed out, Megan gave you her top beauty picks following a major life crisis.  Then, in keeping with the theme, Alicia shared hers.  So, now you get me.  It's no secret that I struggle in the beauty products area but, as Megan so nicely pointed out the other day, I've come a long way.  A really looooooooongggggg way.  You should be proud. 

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 To start, I'll share my fave product from an amazing line mentioned before--Naturopathica.  Let me preface by saying I've never actually purchased this product.  After all, the bottle is teeeeeeeny and it costs $72.  Upon my last Naturopathica purchase, I received a bunch of samples and they have literally lasted months.  This stuff is miracle cream, folks.  The skin under my eyes has never felt so silky and smooth.  Will I ever take the $72 dollar plunge?  I doubt it, BUT I understand.  This stuff is good.

While we're on the topic of skincare, I must share with you my newest love--the Clarisonic Mia.
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I received the ol' Mia for my bday last year, and I've never looked back.  Pre-Mia, I had super oily skin and patches of tiny breakouts on my forehead.  Post-Mia, all of these issues have been solved.  More than anything, I love that my skin feels so clean and refreshed after use.  And just look at all of those fun colors!

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Now, on to makeup.  I'm a bit like Alicia in that I feel like a fraud talking about makeup, so just hang in there.  First on the list, concealer.  For me, pregnancy + the sun = a case of "the mask of pregnancy" or melasma.  I'm no doctor, but basically it means that there are places on my face where skin pigmentation is darker than others.  It's really super sexy, as you might imagine.  This little "condition" sent me on a search for the world's most perfect concealer.  And well, not to brag, but I found it. 

I use the "light golden" color (don't hate, I'm Irish) and it has worked wonders on evening out my skintone.  Very little goes a long way here, so I'm expecting this bottle to last over six months or so.  It's worth a try if you have any imperfections to cover up.  If you don't, then we probably can't be friends. 

Now for The Body Shop. 

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This company is trying to save the world, and I love them for it.  From using as many fair-trade and natural products as possible to waging a war on human sex trafficking, The Body Shop does it all while creating amazing beauty and skin care items.  Love them.  My fave product is the Camomile Eye Makeup Remover.  I'll admit I typically only wear mascara, so I can't vouche for how great it is at removing copious amounts of eyemakeup. Having said that, I love the fact that it is gentle on my skin and doesn't leave a weird, sticky residue.  If you're checking out The Body Shop products today, also take a look at their Tea Tree line.  Super awesome.
Lastly, for the makup portion--lip gloss.  I know, this is seriously the best I can do.  Meet, Buxom.

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I think the product claims to plump up your pout, but I love the stuff for other reasons.  It somes in all colors (my faves are Dani and, if I'm getting super crazy, Sugar) and lasts for hours and hours.

Ok, finally something I can talk about with confidence--hair products.  I have turrible hair, and I pray that my innocent, little Emma Jane does not inherit my genes in this area.  If she does, though, I'll have her covered with these two life-saving products.

First up, MorrocanOil.  I use a quarter-sized amount every time I dry my hair to tame frizz and add shine.  If you suffer from the perils of curly hair and are looking for a way to make the straightening process easier, purchase a sample size of MorrocanOil and give it a shot.

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This product is a tiny bit annoying because you can only purchase it in participating salons.  Or on Amazon, but sometimes that's a little sketchy.  Also, for those of you with oily hair, it comes in a "lite" version that is...well....not so heavy.

Last but not least, the Monroe brush.  I've blogged about this brush before, but I'll mention it again because it's that great.

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This brush has the ability to grab your hair well without causing damage making it perfect for the straightening process.  It is available in many different types to match the many different types of hair.  Find the one that fits your hair and go for it!  You won't regret it.

Don't be getting the big idea that Beauty Week is over, friends.  I received my first Birchbox in the mail last week, so an update is coming soon!

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